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Re: Accessing a component property from html page

Subject: Re: Accessing a component property from html page
From: Christian
Date: Sat, 04 Jun 2005 20:36:13 +0200
This is just a wild guess:

In "page.components.holdingQuantityPie.size"

getPage().getComponents() is a map. How should you be able to retrieve a component out of that?

couldn't you try something like


I am not 100% sure about the ognl syntax...


Andreas Andreou schrieb:

From the Exception thrown, it seems that

ognl: page.components.holdingQuantityPie

returns null, but I can't figure why, since your code seems correct.

Can you confirm this? i.e. instead of HoldingChart, add a <span jwcid="@Insert" value="ognl:page.components.holdingQuantityPie"/>

Paul Woodward wrote:

Hi all,
I'm somewhat new to tapestry so apologies if this is obvious:
I have a squisher component which hides and shows its body. The squisher has zoom buttons that adjust a member property called size: <property-specification name="size" type="int" initial-value="200" persistent="yes"/> I want to be able to pass the size property to a subcomponent so that can affect the way it renders. This is what I have tried: <div jwcid=*"[email protected]"* title="Holding Quantities Chart">

<span jwcid=*"@HoldingChart"* user="ognl:page.visit.user" chartType=
"holdingQuantityPie" title="Holding quantities" size="ognl:

Which gives the error:
org.apache.tapestry.BindingException Unable to resolve expression '
page.components.holdingQuantityPie.size' for [email protected][Home]. binding:
page.components.holdingQuantityPie.size] location:
line 68 ognl.OgnlException source is null for getProperty(null, "size") Can anyone tell me the correct way to do this?
 (Using Tapestry 3.03)

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