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Re: Page redirect from pageBeginRender method?

Subject: Re: Page redirect from pageBeginRender method?
From: Markus Eberle
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 13:59:00 +0200

what about throwing a [Page]RedirectException?
This should solve your problem.

Bis denne dann,

On Thursday 31 March 2005 12:46, Bocko wrote:
> Hi,
> Problem is that my component could not throw pageRedirectException or use 
> cycle.activate("page") in method pageBeginRender. How could I go to other 
> page from this method. (I need to go to error page from this method in my app)
> Longer explanation:
> I have 2 components (that I developed) in page. The result I want is that 
> when user click on link in first component (DirectLink) the other component 
> will show data based on received data from first component. and some 
> manipulation. Component dose this manipulation in method pageBeginRender() - 
> and if there is some error I can't move to my error page.
> If component do this manipulation in method pageValidate, then component will 
> not have any data to show because, setting of data (from DirectLink) happens 
> after this method was called. Result is that display of data is always one 
> click late. When user click second time on the link, then the data from the 
> first time is displayed.
> Component passed data to each other by Visit object.
> Thanks
> Bogdan.

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