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Re: WANTED: Live Tapestry Sites

Subject: Re: WANTED: Live Tapestry Sites
From: "Jamie Orchard-Hays"
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 13:19:10 -0500
this is a cool site. I keep trying to click on the thumbnail images (hint, hint)...


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Subject: Re: WANTED: Live Tapestry Sites

If you wish to use my little 'ol site as an example, you may. It's not quite public yet (another week to go) but here is the current URL:


It's my first Tapestry application (and actually my first web application). It took me about two weeks to build from scratch without knowing anything about webapps or Tapestry (apart from having read TIA). So as far as I'm concerned that's a big credit to Tapestry - I've looked at doing this before in JSP, etc and never had the stomach for it.

What is it? A detailed searchable photographic database of buildings of architectural significance in England (plus their contents).

The project itself is far more ambitious than the web site ;-) but you can use it as a "newbie does this with Tapestry" if you like.


Howard Lewis Ship wrote:
For several upcoming presentations, I have a real need for public
Tapestry sites.

I'm asking the community to help out here; I know of a couple, but I
think there are quite a few more.

Basically, I want a slide or two with a bunch of logos that I can put
at the end of my NFJS, OSCON and JavaOne presentations.  TSS.com,
NFL.com, Tree Of Life are the only ones I have right now.

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