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Re: Naming question

Subject: Re: Naming question
From: Danny Angus
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 08:57:57 +0000
Don't flame me, but my 2c is..

Its right to look for consistent generic names, but why be so coy about
what they are,
why not either.. have a scheme like "TapestryRequest, TapestryResponse,
TapestrySession, TapestryContainer"
using a tapestry specific noun for the prefix (use a better prefix noun
than tapestry if there is one)

Or.. ditch the "container" altogether and have an
org.apache.tapestry.container package with "Request, Response, Session,

It bugs me somewhat when I see people struggle to find new names, when the
old names in a new package are often the neatest way to name things. I
don't think it makes things more ambigous and in fact I suspect it makes
polymorphic relationships easier to understand.


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