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Re: [tamarack-discuss] hald mounts removable media with bad permissions?

Subject: Re: [tamarack-discuss] hald mounts removable media with bad permissions?
From: Artem Kachitchkine
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2007 02:14:31 -0400
> I thought that might be the case, but seems like the needs to change
> to meet the "secure by default" goals.

SBD does not apply in this case, AFAIK.

> I doubt an administrator plugging his usb memory key into a system
> wants everyone on the campus to have access to it right away.

Once the RFE I mentioned is implemented, admins should be able to set a 
mandatory GCOnf policy. OTOH, once that RFE is implemented, perhaps we 
can flip the default policy to a more secure one.

> Since you know about this change, can you tell me what part of hald is
> responsible for setting the permissions this way? If you have to dig
> for it, nevermind, I'll find it myself, just asking if you knew "off
> the top of your head."


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