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Re: Retrieve a session attribute

Subject: Re: Retrieve a session attribute
From: Vernon
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 15:46:21 -0700 PDT
Thanks all for your helps. I get the page setting
usage clarified. In this application, I need to set a
user preferred data in the user session during the
session life time as well as in the form of cookies.
Every single JPS needs the preferred data. So, I
shalln't set page to false.   

The page false setting, accoding to John, is largely
for performance. All samples of the Spring framework
have the setting. There must be a good reason to do

Working at an one-person shop and taking care of all
things from the front to the end, it is difficult to
check out everything in details.

John: I will send your another email to discuss a few
of detail issues.

Thanks again. 


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