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Re: [SDL] My thoughts on keyboard input in SDL 1.3

Subject: Re: [SDL] My thoughts on keyboard input in SDL 1.3
From: Christian Walther
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 21:30:44 +0100
Bob Pendleton wrote:
> I now see how you got to the magic keypad bit. But, I don't think it is
> the correct solution because, as I understand it, 
> SDL_GetLayoutKey(SDLK_1) == code point for 1
> and
> SDL_GetLayoutKey(SDLK_KP_1) == code point for 1 | magic key pad bit.
> But, there is no good way for a developer to test for 1 | magic key pad
> bit. There is no enumeration of these values and it forces the
> programmer to create them and know what they are. Adding that bit means
> that SDL_GetLayoutKey really returns 3 different types of value, SDLK_*,
> Unicode code points, and something that is not a code point nor an
> SDLK_*.

Hmm, you're right. In that case I was wrong about SDL_KEY_KEYPAD_BIT 
"not being intended" for the library user. But do you see a better 
solution than just making that constant an official part of the API and 
having developers specify
in that situation (maybe #define SDL_KEYPAD_KEY(n) ((n) | 

Come to think of it, is this even a common situation? Testing against 
hardcoded layout key codes seems like a bad idea to me, because the 
user's keyboard layout likely doesn't have these keys. If you're using 
layout key codes, you should make them user-configurable (i.e. you store 
a value coming out of SDL_GetLayoutKey() at one point and test against 
that stored value later, the value is never explicitly specified in 
source code).


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