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[SDL] 2D with openGL & SDL

Subject: [SDL] 2D with openGL & SDL
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 10:50:13 +0700 WIT
Hi, I've planned to change my application from pure blitting with 2D SDL
surface to using openGL. I plan to use a textured quad as sprites. But I
still have some doubts about this so I wish to ask some insight about
this. Here's my questions:

1. Performance wise, will this make my application faster or slower? FYI,
the intended machine is a VIA EPIA Mini ITX embedded with Linux openSuSE
10.1 as the OS.

2. Do I need to implement shader languages (I think maybe Cg)?

3. What's the settings for openGL so that the 2D environment looked just
like when I blit it directly to an SDL Surface (eg, the viewport, 1 points
equals to 1 pixel, etc)?

4. AFAIK, to add a texture, the width & height of the image should be a
power of 2. So how do I make a sprite with width and/or height not of
power of 2?

Thanks in advance.

Fare thee well,
Bawenang R. P. P.

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