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Re: [SDL] 2D with openGL & SDL

Subject: Re: [SDL] 2D with openGL & SDL
From: Mike Powell
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 00:32:46 -0700
[email protected] wrote:
> Thanks for the reply. The graphics card is a VIA Unichrome. And as
> Matthias Weigand said, probably it's not as good as I want it to be. Also
> the VGA has no driver for Linux. So I use the standard one in the machine.
> I think I should reconsider this some more. But I think I will still
> redesign my rendering engine (or recreate it again from scratch) with
> openGL, but not for the current game. Thanks again.

Okay, so come back to this concept when you can get a better graphics card, 
then? :-)

Personally, I'm curious how it would work out. While I've considered doing 
something purely 2D in OpenGL, I've never actually tried it, and don't know how 
the speed compares.

I've also considered using OpenGL with GLSL (which I guess you don't have 
access to) to do a purely sprite-based isometric engine, where every sprite has 
a normal map and depth map, allowing for full, fast per-pixel lighting. Which 
is really neat in concept.

But then I have to think how much work that would be, compared to just doing it 
in 3D to begin with, which will generally produce better results anyway.
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