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From: "Kathleen"
Date: 18 Apr 2006 19:49:51 -0700

The Simplest Lyme Disease FRAUD Explainer:

Yale University has test for Lyme, but never had a Lyme vaccine.

It's a simple matter of Yale University owning an early and accurate
test for Lyme disease, which they patented in 1993, but we're not
allowed to use this test, because to do so (to license this test),
would be to admit that Yale has known how to diagnose Lyme since 1991.
Yale did not use this test to qualify their bogus LYMErix vaccine,
because Yale knew LYMErix never prevented Lyme disease.

Meanwhile, because we are all denied the use of the Yale Specific
Flagellin test, no one can get an early diagnosis and early treatment
for Lyme, hundreds of thousands of people on three continents croak
and/or become seriously disabled from Lyme â   ALS Lyme, 47% of men
in Lyme endemic areas have evidence of exposure to Lyme

Here's the 1991 Yale test:

Here's the 1993 Yale patent claim for the accuracy and specificity of
that test:

Here is Yale's 1994 LYMErix patent:

And here is Yale, 4 days after applying for the LYMErix patent,
explaining how
LYMErix would not work (Oct 11, 1994):  (Get the full text)

NNN  Yale's Robert Schoen was aware that the Lyme disease Western Blots
were unreadable during the LYMErix trial, and that people suffered
non-arthritis injury from LYMErix.  Here he is instructing physicians
to blow off LYMErix injured persons and not run any tests on them.
This is the 1998 Rahn and Evans textbook Lyme disease, ACP Key Diseases
Series.  This was published even before LYMErix was "approved" by the

More was published about the unreadable Western Blots during the
vaccine trials, 2 years later:

They had "safe and effective" vaccines but they could not read their
Lyme blood (Western Blot) tests to see if the vaccinated people got

Here is the infamous Vijay Sikand not reporting adverse events to
LYMErix to the FDA, which is CRIMINAL FRAUD:

Pam Weintraub, former editor of OMNI Magazine on what happened at the
Jan 2001 FDA LYMErix meeting:
"The Bitter Feud over LYMErix  Big Pharma Takes on the Wrong Little

Double-Oh McSweegan  The infamous "wacko" "Do-Nothing" NIH scientist
and Lyme victim stalker slams the Department of the Navy, the Lyme
Foundation, and the FBI.  Note that OspA was his idea, in his letter to
Senator Barry Goldwater in 1986.  The cloned Ehrlichial ligands would
be like... OspA.  So LYMErix was all his idea and he was furious that
we un-afforded them the royalties from LYMErix.  LYMErix was withdrawn
Feb 26, 2002 due to all the unreported adverse events reported by the
vaccine victims themselves.

McSweegan stalked us at this ALDF "GALA"

McWeenie rears his horned head again

Using the DCF MORONS against Whisleblowers

Munchmeister.  (Lenny Sigal) A very small man accuses parents of
poisoning their children (see the Munchausen's accusations) in order to
prevent being discovered to be involved in the biggest medical fraud in
history- a bogus Lyme vaccine that actually causes illness.  A person
who uses made-up words to describe other persons' alleged imaginary

Why did Mortimer Zuckerman show up at the ALDF "GALA", and then when he
saw our protest, decide to run away?


DCF Highlights:

"On another occasion, a sober Rowland adviser was deputized to warn
another Republican she ought to start wearing underwear beneath her
short skirts when she was around the governor. Mrs. Rowland was said to
be especially insistent that the message be delivered."

"We have seen absolutely inconsistent standards of assessment, support
for workers, supervision, accountability and, bottom line, protection
of children," she said  [Jeanne Milstein, The Child Advocate]

Problems with DCF???      What to do (about the DCF's phone-bugging).

DCF STUPIDITY AND CORRUPTION:    "It's hard to know what's worse, the
moral obscenity or the fiscal stupidity," Wexler said of the lack of
child-care funds. "Connecticut probably spends proportionately more on
child welfare than any other state. But rather than take on the
"institutions lobby" - the powerful network of providers of group homes
and residential treatment - the state chose to take the money from
those with no clout in Hartford, impoverished families."-- Richard

DCF harassing their own attorneys

Remember, DCF can have you arrested and charged without ever providing
evidence to the police that you have committed a crime.  DCF does this
particularly when they have no valid case of abuse or neglect against a
parent.  The false arrest then becomes the "case" against the parent.
DCF operates upon the principal of pure vindictiveness - which has
nothing to do with child welfare.

US Attorney Rowlandgate O'Connor and the Lyme Disease Scam
"Connecticut's political world is tiny and given to ennui. Witness the
fact that the U.S. Attorney, Kevin O'Connor, was barred from
participating in the prosecution of the Rowland scandals because of his
and his wife's close ties to the former governor. Kathleen O'Connor
worked in the office of Rowland's legal counsel. In most places, that
would raise an alarm. Connecticut only shrugs."    (see the larger
green box below for the simple Lyme FRAUD explainer).

Complicit in the Lyme Crimes, the Criminally Insane, AAG Jessica Gauvin

Where was the nutcase AAG Jessica Gauvin while all of the following was
going on?   Testifying at
Blumenthal's 1999 Lyme hearing about being blown off by Yale's Robert
Schoen in May 1994 and that my kids have congenital Lyme Disease

Complaining to the New York Legislators about the corruption in Lyme
disease, Nov 2000.   See New York's Medical Board's Response  Dec 2000
at the bottom of the page  ActionLyme
Web One, Nov 2000

Myself, Explaining to the FDA vaccine committee how Yale's LYMErix
vaccine was not a vaccine   Jan 2001

Testimony Submitted to the New York Assembly at the Lyme Hearings in
May 2001   Scroll to end

ActionLyme Web Two  Nov 2001

Rhode Island Tick Borne Diseases Management Plan  Submitted to the RI
TBDs Commission April 2002  (Western Blot web page moved:

Lyme Disease Scientific Fraud and Racketeering Complaint, filed Summer

Where were ANY of my critics?   COWARDS.  and the Criminally Insane and
Violent Maniac Donald Dickson

Here is my 13 year old sick daughter complaining about her placement
with the insane and violent sociopath Donald G. Dickson:

"....he will go crazy on me. dont tell anybody
but once he threw a chair and a dictionary at me. i am writing to karen
know how to spell her last name) and telling her all about this. is
anybody else i should write to?
i love you mommy"

Meaning the raving lunatic Jessica Gauvin also placed my children with
a known maniac.   (Risk of Injury to 3 minors.)

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