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Re: Rewinding microwave oven transformer

Subject: Re: Rewinding microwave oven transformer
From: Jasen Betts
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2005 11:26:13 -0000
Newsgroups: sci.electronics.basics
On 2005-11-30, tom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <tom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I am thinking of rewinding an old microwave oven transformer to drive a
> car amp to produce some bass in my bedroom. The amp will continuously
> draw about 30A and will draw a surge current of 150A. I was thinking of
> using copper wire to rewind the transformer but getting copper wire in
> the required thickness was going to be a problem not to mention working
> with the stuff. What I thought I would do is use the wire from some old
> car jumper cables (with the insulation left on) and rewind the
> transformer using the jumper cables. Is there any problem with using
> multicore cable to rewind a transformer? I am aware of the fact that
> the insulation might melt...

No problems with multicore cable in a transformer, the only reason solid is
used is that it's easier to insulate and cheeper. 
You must have some pretty flimsy jumper leads there if you're expectring 
to get 10-20 turns on the transformer.

microwave oven transformers aren't built for continuous running without a
cooling fan blowing over them, they can be modified by adding some extra 
turns to the primary, 

Don't forget to fuse it, something like that could start a fire.


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