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Re: Maidenhair Ferns

Subject: Re: Maidenhair Ferns
From: "Cereus-validus-..........."
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 05:44:00 GMT
What others?
Do you speak for yourself or some sort of league of lazy nerds?
You are still asking a gardening question, Sweet pea.

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> Cereus-validus-........... wrote:
>>Do you know the difference between botany and gardening?
>>Try asking your gardening questions in rec.gardens instead.
>>Also try doing a Google search.
>>"Bier de Stone" <[email protected]> wrote in message 
>>news:[email protected]
>>>Where can I find a dedicated site with information on how to grow 
>>>Maidenhair Ferms to it`s optimal potential? I am discovering mealybugs on 
>>>my potted fern and wish to rid my plant of them but most pesticides on 
>>>the market specify that they`re not to be used on Maidenhair Ferms.
> Sorrrrrry. Aren`t you the quick one to redirect any support by inferring 
> others to Google. May I rephrase the question at all? Why do most 
> insecticides irradicating pests such as aphids (and mealybugs) instruct 
> users NOT to use it on maidenhair ferns? Is there an alternative 
> insecticide safe for maidenhair ferns? A home remedy, perhaps? I have a 
> mealybug problem.
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