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Re: Help identifying a plant

Subject: Re: Help identifying a plant
From: "P van Rijckevorsel"
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 09:44:55 +0100
"mel turner" <[email protected]> schreef
> I missed seeing the earlier bittersweet ID, but I still think this one
> is a Euonymus.  It's hard to tell whether the leaves in the photo are
> alternate [Celastrus] or opposite [Euonymus], but this plant is pretty
> clearly evergreen just as the original poster noted [and just like the
> particular Euonymus species I'd  suggested],
> and not deciduous like either the native Celastrus scandens or
> the introduced C. orbiculatus.
> A more subtle difference is in the fruits: these Celastrus spp. have
> their aril-covered seeds in a tight sphere in the center of the dehisced
> fruit:
> Whereas the plant in question here
> very clearly has well-separated seeds dangling further out nearer
> the tips of the fruit capsule lobes, as is typical of many Euonymus
> spp.:

I would love to say something wise and insightful here, but I can't.
I agree that the fruit details are very important here, but the picture
quality is not adequate. I cannot even agree that there is a clear
separation: from the picture these could also be cases of fruits close
together. All that anybody has to go by here is general habit, and I know
neither of these species.

All right, a final pearl of wisdom: this is the reason that arboreta have
signs with the name of the plant!

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