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Re: Now I Understand

Subject: Re: Now I Understand
From: "Unknown"
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2008 12:35:02 -0600
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Apparently you DON"T understand a thing.
You state 'everybody RIGHTLY criticizes' Microsoft.  What is right about it.
You state Linux is obviously better. How is it better?
You are posting nothing but emotional gibberish.
"Bluuuue Rajah" <[email protected]> wrote in message 
news:[email protected]
> Everybody rightly criticizes Micro$tiff for selling a crappy OS, and
> Linux is obviuosly better, if you have the time and the expertise to use
> in it, but until this week I didn't understand exaclty why Windows is
> such a POS.
> When I had to uninstall the Google toolbar because Google installed an
> update tht I didn't ask for, which overrode IE5's ctrl-f command, the
> reason beame clear.  Windows' install/uninstall method causes bugs to
> accumulate, if programs are not ununstalled in precise the reverse order
> of which they were installed.
> The problem is that terrible method of saving old copies of system
> files, like .ini files, as backups, to be restored when software is
> uninstalled.  So the more apps you uninstall, out of order, the buggier
> your system becomes, until you finally have to reinstall the OS.
> Linux apparently doesn't have anything resembling this problem, which
> makes me wonder, how did the Linux designers (Torvald?) handle this
> problem, and can we learn anything from their solution to help minimize
> the problem with Windows?
> Your thoughts? 

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