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Re: Sick comment from Bush

Subject: Re: Sick comment from Bush
Date: 17 Jun 2006 10:16:42 -0700
Newsgroups: sci.astro
> After seven bombs exploded  in
> Bagdad today, Bush told Iraqis:
> "Iraq needs to know it won't be
> abandoned"  or  "Iraq must know
> it won't  be abandoned".
> That's a sick comment from Bush.
> After Bush invaded Iraq illegally.
> What a freak.
> Senselessness. Bush Jr. is the first
> elected freak in American history.
> Well. Clinton was, freaky.
> Which means, its time about
> thoughts about impeachment.
> That impeachment is really really
> in need, before he is gone,
> because its a huge shame for the
> USA.
> --
> And  now,  news  about  Google...
> Attempted to establish private communication
> with  Sergey  Brin.  More to come.

In  Texas  ranchers  living  by the border
installed 220  volt electric  fence.  When
asked if  the fence presents  a life-threat
to children, the rancher  admitted  he is
proud of his  fence  and told reporters
he  has  personally shot  4 intruders

To the question what he  did  with the
bodies he  did not reply,  nor  to the
question  if any of the immigrants  were
women with possibly  babies on their
backs. The  rancher replied: well, that's
one of  those  life's mysteries and  he
asked:  Its  illegal, then why they  come?

He is  planning to raise the  amper  levels
surrounding  his  45000 acre  ranch,
which  he  considers  his  border  hobby
ground.  His  friends  often  visit  him and
they go hunting.

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