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Source of dirt on the moon? (bootprint...)

Subject: Source of dirt on the moon? bootprint...
Date: 5 Jun 2006 20:55:24 -0700
Newsgroups: sci.astro, sci.physics, alt.astronomy, alt.conspiracy
This has bothered me since 6th grade science class, when we covered
weathering and soil formation. I thought of that bootprint. After class
I asked the teacher if the moon had an any atmosphere at all. (It was a
leading question.)  He of course said no. I asked him where the dirt on
the moon came from.  He thought the question was good, and didn't have
an answer.

Well, now there is a forum for me to get a proper answer to this

Every time I see a picture of that bootprint it bothers me. It seems to
me that the surface of the moon would have been molten at the time of
it's formation.  There is no weather (or life) to break down the rock.
So maybe dust settled over a few billion years. So why didn't it settle
on the small to large rocks seen in other pictures?  The dirt around
those rocks is not disturbed - so the rocks didn't fall on existing
dirt. The only thing I can think of seems totally wrong - and that's
that maybe the subatomic particles in the solar wind are capable of
blowing the dirt off the rocks. (Gees that's sounds bad.) We are
protected by our magnetic field, and that "wind" is apparently pretty
fierce - but having subatomic particles moving dirt just doesn't fly
with me.

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