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Re: Bad Astronomy review of "Superman Returns"

Subject: Re: Bad Astronomy review of "Superman Returns"
From: Bill Steele
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 14:12:53 -0400
Newsgroups: sci.astro, rec.arts.sf.movies, rec.arts.sf.superman, rec.arts.movies.current-films, sci.physics
In article <[email protected]>,
 "KalElFan" <[email protected]> wrote:

> The biggest astronomy nitpick I expected wasn't there!  It's
> the fault of the first Reeve movie primarily, but they compound
> it here.  In fact they replay that Brando quote about the 27 or
> 28 known galaxies, reinforcing that this incarnation of the
> Superman story is intergalactic.  I believe Reeve even had
> a line in the original about Krypton being in another galaxy.
> But anyone feel free to correct me because I kind of blocked
> this whole "known galaxies" part of it out the many times I've
> seen it :-)

I recall Brando saying he was imparting to his son all the knowledge of 
the however many known galaxies, but I don't believe it was ever 
specified that Krypton was outside our own. Even so, detecting 
"planetary debris" is dubious even from the Centauri system fur light 
years or so away. We detect planets now by the way they perturb the 
orbit of the star and by the occulting of the star as they pass in front 
of it.  I don't think debris is gonna do much occulting. 

*My* nitpick is that if Krypton posesses the knowledge of many galaxies 
it means interstellar travel is commonplace to them. Jor-El even says 
"Neither I nor my wife will leave Krypton."  So there had to be zillions 
of Kryptonians all over the universe, so Kal-El isn't exactly the "last 
son of Krypton."  And you'd think Earth would be a real popular vacation 

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