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From: Saul Levy
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2006 17:49:32 -0700
Newsgroups: sci.astro
You expect us to believe any of this, fool?  Land one of your
nonexistant motherships on the White House lawn and PROVE IT!

Oh, surprise, surprise!  You can't...

Saul Levy

On 6 Mar 2006 14:41:40 -0800, rem460@xxxxxxx wrote:

>Update from The REAL Galactic Federation
>     August 19, 2003
>Communicated thru Sheldan Nidle of The Planetary Activation Org.
>     Selamat Jarin! We arrive, dear Hearts, with much to discuss
>with you. Lately, our discussions have concerned the origins of
>this galaxy and the function of our societies and culture. In
>those messages, we have informed you, ever-so-slightly, about our
>home-worlds. Now, we wish to discuss our ships, the ways of
>interstellar travel and the phenomena associated with time. Our
>vehicles are living, organic Beings. When we produce them, we call
>the final operation the 'birthing' or, in Sirian, 'Shapak'. As you
>become more aware of how consciousness envelops all things in this
>Creation, you will have a better understanding of what we have
>just told you. This physical Universe is really a living,
>conscious Being. Everything that you create, whether thought-form
>or manifested object, holds a sense of this. Our ships, equipped
>with highly advanced organic computers, amplify that perception of
>being conscious. A ship has the capacity to interconnect with us
>on all levels. Soon, this wondrous piece of technology will appear
>to you as a living, highly intelligent Being.
>     One of the major abilities of this technology is interstellar
>travel. These 'jumps' from one solar system to another occur
>because of the way physicality is constructed. Each reality
>contains a specific series of frequencies that are reflected, in a
>number of ways, by the realities that surround it. Between these
>realities are flux 'walls' ('hyperspace'), consisting of energy
>that winds around them and resembles the cell walls of human skin.
>This enormous energy membrane is linked together to form the grids
>for a dimension. Dimensions, also, are connected by a variant of
>this same flux stream. To travel from one spot to another, you do
>not need to find or manufacture wormholes, but simply to increase
>the frequency (energy amplitude) as high as the reality's
>threshold energy. Once you have reached this frequency pattern,
>you will disappear from the reality that you originally occupied.
>Upon entering the energy flux, you adjust your frequency to your
>destination. Depending on the complexity of the frequency pattern
>of a particular reality, this interstellar jump takes us from
>three to seven minutes.
>     To succeed, this unusually complex operation requires an
>intricate set of procedures. This brings into action our advanced
>technology. Our organic computers are enlarged reproductions of
>our own brains. The mind is more than a collection of organic
>materials attached to a marvelous neural network: it provides
>organic devices that assist in the manifestation of a physical
>form of consciousness. The Universe consists of many separate
>components tied together by consciousness. This consciousness has
>three primary forms. First: the sacred foundation - the divine
>plan itself. Second: the spiritual essence - Heaven and its
>infinite aspects. Finally: the grand illusion of physical
>consciousness - the challenge issued by the divine plan. Although
>we operate in physicality, we manifest in the spiritual realms.
>This process is carefully monitored by your brain and its ally,
>your nervous system. So, too, our shipboard organic computers
>monitor these processes and realize their diverse objectives in
>much the same way. The difference is that they ask us to identify
>these objectives.
>     Around you, dear Hearts, exists a vast, specially-layered
>Light Body. It is re-created by the propulsion system of our
>spacecraft. This multi-layered energy field is the crucial
>component in our technology, with which we can adjust a ship's
>frequency in order to move it from star to star. Moreover, by
>rotating these fields at will, we can create the difference in
>inertia needed to navigate and move our ships at high speed
>through any physical medium. Bear in mind that all matter is
>merely a form of Light and Time that, together, have joined to
>produce physical space. Space is created according to rules
>imposed upon a reality by its sentient collective. As you travel
>from one reality to another, you are able to use the rules applied
>by these realities. The 'artificial' Light Body of a ship can use
>these rules to pass through any type of material. And, although
>your Light Body possesses this same capability, you have
>temporarily submitted to the rules of this reality.
>     Clearly, dear Ones, your God-given capabilities are truly
>infinite. Those of our ships are equally without limit. Our
>technology reflects the way we function in physicality: we intend,
>we structure and we manifest. We bring in what we require and
>categorize it according to the structure or grid needed to
>manifest it. The rest follows naturally. Our computers operate on
>similar principles. Owing to their high sentiency, they can
>connect with us and support our milieu, manifesting our desires
>and assisting us in our various tasks. They take the concept of
>'programming' to its highest levels, enabling us to understand how
>an actual reality works. When such a computer ties into a reality,
>it accesses that reality's very essence. This information allows
>us to evaluate the inhabitants of a specific reality and to
>observe that society's total environment.
>     The major elements under discussion today are Light and Time.
>Light is the ethereal froth that forms the foundation of
>physicality. It needs its partner, Time, to precipitate a reality.
>Time is the patterning or the rhythm of Creation. It can do
>anything that the divine plan desires. This innate malleability
>makes Time utterly unique and of extreme importance to
>physicality. Physicality is based on patterns, and this order is
>the sole domain of Time. When you understand time and its
>limitless potential, you begin to see how the divine plan
>constructed physicality. These infinite kinds of rhythms brought
>Light into existence in the many dimensions and realities that are
>physicality. For us, calendars reflect this because they are a
>representation of their reality. Galactic calendars also give a
>measure of the potential of any particular moment in this reality.
>     The nature of Time is both sequential and non-sequential.
>Through it, what you perceive as past, present and future merge
>together. The integration of Time is based upon our need to
>experience physicality so that we may comprehend the special
>challenge issued us by the divine plan. The challenge is to
>understand illusion (physicality) and to realize how we can use
>that illusion to gain wisdom. It is through wisdom that a
>particular reality functions; its use makes you more able to carry
>out the divine plan. Each facet of a particular lifetime is
>experienced to glean wisdom, which helps us to unfold the divine
>plan of this Creation. Consequently, Time occupies a very special
>position in every aspect of physicality. It is honored for its
>rhythms and fêted for the wisdom that it can offer us. Most
>important, Time is acknowledged as the defining regulator of a
>     Time, with the help of Light, manifests physicality. Each is
>of equal importance. Once you transcend the limitations imposed by
>your beliefs or your 'science', you begin to see that any so-
>called limit is nothing but a pack of lies. The speed of Light can
>be conquered as easily as the speed of sound, once it ceases to be
>a seemingly impenetrable barrier. A Light Body travels as fast as
>the speed of divine thought. Matter can be converted into its
>components, taken where it is directed and reassembled at its
>destination. Relativity is not a divine law. It is only a theory,
>and a faulty one at that. You have just begun to understand your
>capabilities, dear Hearts. The possibilities of this Universe are
>endless. Your task is to learn this, all over again, and then to
>apply that knowledge to your reality and to the rest of
>     Today, we have reviewed our ships' movement from one point to
>another. We have also explained how Light and Time function to
>create physicality. We ask you to examine this and realize what a
>vast and complex Being you really are. The great shift of which we
>speak is upon you. Do your part and enjoy the ride! We now take
>our leave. Blessings! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts,
>that the unceasing Prosperity and unbounded Supply of Heaven is
>yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be
>One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)
>Planetary Activation Organization
>This copy was reposted by Robert E. McElwaine
>                          PAO Member
>                          Eckankar Initiate
>                          B.S., Physics and Astronomy, UW-EC

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