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Re: Einstein's Theory 'Improved'? (Forwarded)

Subject: Re: Einstein's Theory 'Improved'? Forwarded
From: Steve Willner
Date: 1 Mar 2006 18:41:20 -0500
Newsgroups: sci.astro
In article <zK$IwMsu3M$DFwp5@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
 Jonathan Silverlight <jsilverlight@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> BTW, I'm a biologist and the free e-print phenomenon hasn't really hit 
> the life science journals yet. How do physics journals survive?

The commercial ones rely mostly on library subscriptions.  Many of
them are having trouble, though the "must have" publications such as
_Nature_ seem to be doing all right.  The main astronomy journals in
the US are run by non-profit scientific societies and rely on
(mostly) volunteer labor from editors and referees.  Production costs
are paid by a combination of page charges and library subscriptions.
I understand European journals are subsidized directly by their
equivalents of the NSF as a substitute for page charges.  They also
benefit from library subscriptions.

If the editing and refereeing process fails to add value (as
perceived by the users) at least equal to the production costs, the
journals will indeed go out of business.

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