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Re: Gamma Ray Bursts - REAL CAUSE

Subject: Re: Gamma Ray Bursts - REAL CAUSE
From: Saul Levy
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2006 17:51:51 -0700
Newsgroups: sci.astro
Larson is another crackpot!  That makes it 3 for 3 worthless messages
in one day!  Good job you're doing!

Saul Levy

On 6 Mar 2006 14:48:37 -0800, rem460@xxxxxxx wrote:

>                      Gamma Ray Bursts -- REAL CAUSE
>               Astro-physicists and astronomers are still
>          scratching their heads about the mysterious GAMMA-RAY
>          BURSTS.  They were originally thought to originate from
>          "neutron stars" in the disc of our galaxy.  But the new
>          Gamma Ray Telescopes now in Earth orbit have been
>          detecting them in all directions uniformly, and their
>          source locations in space do NOT correspond to any known
>          permanent objects, (except for a few cases of
>          directional coincidence).
>               Gamma-ray bursts are a NECESSARY CONSEQUENCE in the
>          GENERAL UNIFIED Theory of the Physical Universe
>          developed by the late Physicist Dewey B. Larson.
>          According to page 386 of his book "THE UNIVERSE OF
>          MOTION", published in 1984, the gamma-ray bursts are
>          coming from SUPERNOVA EXPLOSIONS in the ANTI-MATTER HALF
>          of the Physical Universe, which Larson calls the "Cosmic
>          Sector".  Because the anti-matter universe exists in a
>          RECIPROCAL RELATION to our material universe, with the
>          SPEED OF LIGHT as the BOUNDARY between them, and has
>          THREE dimensions of TIME, and ONLY ONE dimension of
>          space, the gamma-ray bursts can pop into our material
>          half ANYWHERE in space, seemingly at random.
>               I wonder how close to us in space a source location
>          would have to be for a gamma-ray burst to kill all or
>          most life on Earth !  There would be NO WAY to predict
>          one, NOR to stop it !
>               Perhaps some of the MASS EXTINCTIONS of the past,
>          which are now being blamed on impacts of comets and
>          asteroids, were actually caused by nearby GAMMA RAY
>          BURSTS !
>               See the web site
> or /dbl/index.htm
>          for more information about Physicist Dewey B. Larson's
>          GENERAL UNIFIED Theory of the Physical Universe.
>                          Robert E. McElwaine
>                          B.S., Physics and Astronomy, UW-EC

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