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Re: Eclipse and EINSTEIN

Subject: Re: Eclipse and EINSTEIN
From: "Jeff Root"
Date: 30 Mar 2006 11:01:40 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.astro
Greg Neill replied to Jeff Root:

>> > photons are practically oblivious to electric and
>> > magnetic fields; photon-photon interactions have an
>> > incredibly small cross section.  The interaction,
>> > according to quantum theory is, if memory serves, a
>> > third order effect which is practically nil.
>> How might I coax two photons to interact?
> The simplest way is to have them do so in the
> presence of a particle.  Alone, two photons very
> rarely interact.

What maximizes the probability of two photons interacting
without a particle?  They both have to exist at the same
time.  What else?  Should they collide perpendicularly?
Head-on?  With the fields aligned?  Or opposed?  Or...?
  -- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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