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Re: MESSENGER Lines Up for Venus Flyby

Subject: Re: MESSENGER Lines Up for Venus Flyby
Date: 17 Mar 2006 13:09:50 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.astro, alt.sci.planetary,
Brad Guth wrote:
> GARTINsux,
> MESSENGER is simply yet another wag-thy-dog and snooker-thy-humanity
> worth of a mission, proving that conditional physics of photons applies
> as always, as to having selectively imaged our naked Earth within such
> a highly limited DR, except for the matter of fact that it should have
> been easily imaged along with numerous other objects that would have
> and most certainly should have been recorded within the same frame, and
> thereby at the very same CCD scan/exposure, especially on behalf of
> having included an honest look-see at our very own dark and nasty moon
> as for MESSENGER coming back towards or upon leaving Earth on it's way
> to Mercury.
> Even via an exact same exposure of just taking an image of our nearby
> moon all by itself, which any damn fool could then photoshop into a
> side-by-side honestly undistorted and unfiltered or same color spectrum
> bandpass of a look-see should have been accomplished.
> -
> Brad Guth

Well a couple of questions arise. You say they've "imaged" Earth,
Venus, & so on. How do we know what planet they really imaged, when
they're saying they're feeding us a picture of Venus?

How do we know that they didn't image Earth, and then tell us it was

Do you believe personally that there is life on Venus?


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