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White Holes in the center of galaxies

Subject: White Holes in the center of galaxies
Date: 13 Mar 2006 14:13:21 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.astro
Since the world was so cruel to me regarding the clear likelyhood
of white holes dominating in the spiral galaxy nucleus, I passed
on the theory for copyright and pattern to the German Nazi Party.

Letter as follows:

have found a scientific conclusion that our galaxy has a white hole in
the center
and not a black hole. I wish to donate this theory to the German Nazi
I am not related to any political party or political organizations,
merely pulling
a prank if you are interested in copyrighting and patenting this

"White Holes and Not Black Holes in the center of our Spiral Galaxy"

Scientists are coming close to figuring out the nature of gravitation,
and current theories explaining the nature of gravity in the center of
galaxies. All schools and scientific organizations currently propose
a black hole exists there.

Proof of a White Hole in Galactic nucleus:

"All swirling things have a tendency for an opening in the center such
as water going down the drain, hurricanes, tornadoes.

The galaxy is swirling, therefore an opening, an eye (white-hole-like)
should exist in peaceful swirling conditions and not a black hole.
This proof is based on the nature of swirling."

Copyright and patent this theory and own the possible patents
and copyrights for White Holes in the center of spiral galaxies
before they are discovered.
A non-political friend. Up to you if interested.

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