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Re: MESSENGER Lines Up for Venus Flyby

Subject: Re: MESSENGER Lines Up for Venus Flyby
From: "GARTINsux"
Date: 13 Mar 2006 12:13:34 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.astro, alt.sci.planetary,
Brad, did you notice all the new activity regarding Venus since I
posted over a year ago "LIFE ON VENUS".

It's the NASA intelligence operatives on their spook detail monitoring
USENET to counter anyone that figures out the truths they want to keep
covered up.

These USENET newsgroups are fully monitored by assembled teams of
intelligence experts from NASA, so they can negate anyone such as me,
or even you, from spreading the truth by seeing through their lies.

Even the photos that exist of Venus, are probably not Venus.

If they were, when & how did they get through the cloud cover, and why
in those photos were there no clouds? See how they're derelicts at
lying. The best NASA intelligence operatives, are derelicts.


Brad Guth wrote:
> baa,
> That's rather odd.  There's absolutely zero interest in this spendy
> mission.
> Perhaps that's because both of it's CCD cameras are broken, as in
> having worse off DR than common film.
> Too bad that it's of no use for Earth-science, of having been of no use
> for moon-science, and obviously worthless for anything of
> Venus-science.  Just for getting better science and terrific images of
> reestablishing much of what we already know about Mercury.
> -
> Brad Guth

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