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Re: Ballistic Theory and the Sagnac Experiment

Subject: Re: Ballistic Theory and the Sagnac Experiment
From: "Jeff Root"
Date: 25 Mar 2006 08:19:44 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.astro, sci.physics.relativity, sci.physics
"Hexenmeister" again replied to Jeff Root, repeating
a post which he posted less than two hours earlier, in
which he only claims the same things I've said, then
implies that I'm a liar and stupid for saying them.

He does this because he is mentally ill, and too weak
to get help from his family or people in his community,
so he goes online and posts drivel, under a pseudonym,
instead.  He is unable to stop himself from posting.
Nobody here can help him, so unless he pulls himself
together enough to do something about it on his own,
he is stuck in a rut he will never escape from.
  -- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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