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Solar Eclipse Photography

Subject: Solar Eclipse Photography
From: "eflaspo"
Date: 5 Mar 2006 09:57:41 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.astro
If you are fortunate enough to be going to observe the Total Solar
Eclipse on March 29, 2006, you will probably also want to take your own
photos of the event. However, if you have never photographed an eclipse
before, you may appreciate some guidance on how to go about making
eclipse photos.

I have prepared a PDF from info on the AAAA website that will probably
provide most of the information you need. Naturally, you will need to
adapt it to your own camera setup, especially if you are using a
digital camera. I hope you find it useful.

I have posted the PDF on the AAAA website to  make it available to the
public. Please feel free to download and share this information,
including the PDF, with anyone who may be interested.

Good luck and happy eclipse chasing.


Edward P. Flaspoehler, Jr., President
American  Association of Amateur  Astronomers

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