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Re: Ballistic Theory and the Sagnac Experiment

Subject: Re: Ballistic Theory and the Sagnac Experiment
From: "Hexenmeister"
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 00:26:02 GMT
Newsgroups: sci.astro, sci.physics.relativity, sci.physics
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| On Thu, 16 Mar 2006 14:08:41 GMT, "Hexenmeister" <[email protected]> 
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| >| >| >George
| >| >| >
| >| >|
| >| >I thought you said  "It's no good slinging shit at the dunny 
| >H?
| >| >Do you consider Dishman a "leader" then?
| >|
| >| Well Dishman is occasionally useful even though he is incorrigibly
| >stubborn.
| >| I converse with him merely because I want to learn how to deal with the
| >totally
| >| indoctrinated.
| >
| >Ok,  I can understand that. I've done the same myself with Jan Bielawski,
| >Phuckwit Duck, Blind Poe, Auntie Alice and a few others too numerous to
| >mention. The problem is one only learns the psychology of psychosis,
| >not physics.
| True.
| >
| >| My main aim in life is to abolish ALL religions not just Einstein's
| >relativity.
| >
| >That's a noble cause, but you want to do it alone. How will you change
| >the minds of bigots such as hallucinatory Roberts, Van de merde, islamic
| >Bilgay the Al Qeada spy and Phuckwit Goose when you don't have the right
| > bedside manner any more than I do?
| >Let's be honest, all you can do is give them a padded cell, you can't
| >abolish faith with logic.
| Apparently not. It is most worrying. One can only feel sorry for those 
| ability to think freely has been removed by indoctrination.

I realised a long time ago that the role of you or I (and some others such
as John Kennaugh) could only be to assist the occasional worthwhile student
overcome the schoolyard bullying by the relativist morons and give him or
her some encouragement in pursuing what he or she instinctively knows but
has not been exposed to, such as Sagnac and variable stars, or back off
altogether and pursue our own research.
 They are hammered in college, have text books thrust at them by 
who are only failed scientists themselves and then they come here and
the haemorrhoids descend on them in droves wanting to explain what
piles of shit really mean to them. The real problem is the haemorrhoids
encourage each other not to think, its mob rule, the one with the loudest
mouth gets to be the leader. Look at Dishman applauding Root over
that 4 rifleman GIF. It was a good model, but completely untrue that
the velocity of the bullets was 8 and 12 pixels per frame and Root knew
that when he created it. It was a deliberate lie to try to win an argument,
the guy is a  ing cheat and Dishman backed him up.

Personally I think we should pick them off one at a time with concentrated
crossfire, but I'm not wasting my time on the little ones such as Goose
moortel or Dishman that are a hopeless cause. If Root can create
good models he doesn't need to lie to get ahead, seeking accolades
from the haemorrhoids, he can do it on his own ability.
The morons have no ability.

| >| One must learn to out debate the Dishmans and Andersens of this world 
| >one is
| >| to succeed.
| >
| >Ok, well, Tusselad is well documented.
| >
| not bad.
| Are those bottles full or empty.

| Did you know my latest motto, "a bottle a day keeps the gout well away". I 
| finally proved it. Red YES, beer NO!

Good grief. I'd be dead if I drank a bottle a day. I have one a week
(Glenlivet, that is). I'll have one pint of beer if my buddy with 
wants to go to the pub for lunch, making it a social occasion. That must 
I've never had gout.

 >Arguing with them is like trying to convince a muslim that heaven
| >| doesn't exist...or bashing one's head against a brick wall.
| >
| >Exactly. Bilgay IS a muslim, so you really *are* bashing your head
| >against a brick wall.
| >
| By god! It could be him. ...although I don't know if even muslims could be 
| stupid.

It IS him. The time line is the real giveaway. One Bilge pops up just as
another vanishes, right from the very beginning. It's bloody obvious
the first Bilge, "Kagan Ceylan" changed his name to Bilge "Dogan" within
a couple of months of arriving in the USA, studied at WSU for a Ph.D.,
failed after 15 months (too short a time), knows about computers, knows
about usenet, sold his "New Age" discs and his car and went back to
terrorist training camp. Then he pops up again and again, can't keep his
mouth shut, using a different name but always Bilge (pronounced Bilge),
a common Turkish name. The same guy with the same interests.
He's sent for pilot training in Russia, gets turned down for 9/11 and
it becomes pear-shaped after that. He becomes "dubious" while in
Texas and doesn't show for a terrorist meeting. He's still using "dubious"
as his email addy. There is the possibility that the German Bilge
is someone else, I'll grant that, but no doubt that "dubious" Bilge is
the same guy that wrote the letter to the brethren about Bosnia.
He pretends he doesn't believe I contacted Scotland Yard
terrorist squad (as if I had anything to fear from them), saying
I don't have the balls. What a phuckwit, he doesn't know the Brits,
the call cost me nothing and the Brits have always trusted our police
and our system of  justice, at least when I was a child.
"If you want to know the time ask a policeman".
Maybe Turkey is different, but my family, mother, father and both
 grandfathers have never been afraid to fight. My mother flew barrage
balloons, my father was RAF in Burma against the Japs, paternal
grandfather  was in the trenches at Arnhem and maternal grandfather
was hit aboard HMS Arethusa by a torpedo and limped into Malta.
I've got grandchildren and he thinks I have no balls? I'll kill
the cunt if he threatens my family or our way of life.  ing
arse-up-in-the-air-five-times-a-day and a relativist as well, you were
close when you said all relativists were xtians, but not close enough.
The FBI have an eye on him now, he has a green card, driver's license,
phone, computer connected to the internet, he ain't going nowhere
without them knowing.

Heck, all I wanted was some shit on him to take the piss with, same as
I do with the other idiots just in fun, and before I knew it I had something
that wasn't quite so funny.

| HW.

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