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Re: I solved the blackhole whitehole problem

Subject: Re: I solved the blackhole whitehole problem
Date: 20 Mar 2006 11:27:55 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.astro
You know what the problem is? That if I explain how
there are no black holes, then people expect me to explain
them everything else. Of course everybody knows I
cannot do that, because how the   can I know that?

How did this Universe arrive? From where?

My theory is that there was no 'one big bang', but
there is a thing which releases large quantities of
matter, and we were squirted out 13.7 billion years
ago, and its a giant Solar Flare thing, but squirted
out as a jet stream at very high energies, all gass
and basic elements as everything in that place breaks
down to its basic ingredients. This mechanism is
purely gravitational. Its a super galaxy where
billions of galaxies meet, and their gravitational
pull is immense. At such place there is a huge
galactic eye, where not only electrons escape as
jets upward, but matter as well. The key is to imagine
a super-large galaxy, much bigger than then the ones
we see. Matter comes in mostly sideways into this
supergalaxy, and thrown out from its center toward
two directions, where galaxies form, and at a point
galaxies and matter fall apart in all directions, and
head back down below to its super center. So it all
looks like an apple. There is not much question that
this theory is correct. The only question is how many
of these supergalaxies are there in space? Again,
one finds an endless Universe, which is currently unseen.
Do the supergalaxies collide? Where did they come from?
Its still several steps before arriving to some sort of
implosion and collapse, as matter is so condensed there
that it just must explode, and later implode.

A nuclear physicist once told me this theory in the late
90's. We were at work and he drew it up on the board.

Electromagentic properties are fairly local. Gravitational
turbulance throws matter to great distances from the
center of a supergalaxy, like a volcano. It must be that way.

Unless one day, the supergalaxy simply exploded.

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