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white hole exists in black hole one to one

Subject: white hole exists in black hole one to one
Date: 17 Mar 2006 19:17:21 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.astro
Perhaps its not Einstein's relativistic theories which are needed in
this phenomena but a tricky approach. In hurricanes due to swirling an
exists in the center. What is swirling in a hurricane? Atmospheric
currents? I am not a weatherman. But high and low pressures form
and wind currents turn into a swirling system, and all swirling systems
the inclination to form a swirling eye. If there is swirling, one can
look for an
eye. Thunderstorms are turbulant, but it is hurricanes which swirl and
form an
eye. And here is the finding: spiral galaxies swirl, therefore there is
a center
which naturally asks for an eye. So rather having objects move dumbly
a central blackhole, one needs to see the entire swirling galaxy and
seek for
an eye. The eye, an antigravitational force, which should exist in the
where the central massive black hole is expected to be.

Simple, right? This finding should be passed on to astronomists and
physicists for determining the details of the antigravitational forces
the eye
in relation to galactic swirling would represent.

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