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How the center of our galaxy looks like

Subject: How the center of our galaxy looks like
Date: 13 Mar 2006 10:18:20 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.astro
One can observe near speed of light motion on the Sun in solar flares.

So things just have a speed threshold and speed of motion in the center
the Galaxy won't go much faster. A solar flare is a solar lightning.
is a threshold for energy and when there is too much energy
there is a discharge, a solar flare. In a place where there are
millions of
solar masses, there are millions of discharges, explosions so to speak,
like lightning in a very heavy storm. The picture is just like in a
There is no rapid circling, as with a hurricane eye, the circle is
but slowly as winds cannot accelerate faster than a few hundred
per hour and just as matter cannot accelerate past the speed of light.
Among this huge swirling rotating mass, are endless discharges, solar
flares. If the mass becomes too extensive surrounding the eye, the
Solar Flare discharges cannot take place in the highly scharged
environment, and the electrons spin up and down along the eye and
escape as jets.

As speed of matter has a threshold conditions as gas on Earth,
matter in the spiral galactic center at such speeds acts as gas
observed in atmosperic conditions. The massive blackhole theory
in the center of spiral galaxies fail based on study and observation.

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