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Re: Question about inflation theory

Subject: Re: Question about inflation theory
From: jacob navia
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 21:21:23 +0100
Newsgroups: sci.astro
George Dishman a écrit :
Releativity says an object cannot travel through
space faster than the speed of light in vacuo,
but that doesn't stop the sapce between objects
expanding at a rate such that the distance between
them increases faster than that speed.

SPACE itself expands ?????

Sorry but INTO WHAT would space "expand" ????

I would bet that it would expand into... more space isn't it?
This is just nonsense.

But imagine for a moment that space is "expanding" faster than light, as proposed by this wonderful "inflation" theory. Since no object can go faster than light, NOTHING MOVES and all objects in the universe have negative speed:
    point a                                point b
    object x   -->

Object "X" starts moving at some speed smaller than "c" to point b, say, at 50 Km/sec. In one second object x has traveled 50 Km, but the distance between a and b has increased by more than 300 000 Km since space is "expanding".

This reasoning is valid FOR ANY POINT A AND B. Then, object X will NEVER reach point b, nothing in the universe can move at all, the temperature of the universe is below absolute zero.

At absolute zero objects do not move at all. But since space is expanding, the speed of every object in this universe is negative (the object is flying AWAY from all other objects in the universe)
All this is quite comic. Space is "expanding". Yeah.

And I am getting younger every day.


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