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Re: Teaching the white hole theory in galactic nucleus

Subject: Re: Teaching the white hole theory in galactic nucleus
Date: 16 Mar 2006 11:54:09 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.astro
Crimes against humanity is hard.

Well its Bush and Blair who decided to set a score on
Saddam. Setting scores is what the mob does. Many
people despise, and many people hate mob brains in
regime superpower levels.

Regardless, Bush did make it into the great war crimes
list in Belgium along with Hitler, Ceausescu, and the
latest one: Milosevic who died days ago, regardless
that Bush cannot be held accountable for it, he is on the
list for his great visionary leader mistakes.

If the war ends Bush would need to stand trial. "If he
is captured."

Europe has nicely put Bush on a death roll in Belgium.
Europe doesn't believe in the death sentences, I believe
only for war criminals, and even that is being erased.
Bush would put people on death roll for stealing shoes.

Bush is charged with being a war criminal basically. Now
in the Western World one is considered innocent until
proven guilty, but some visionary leaders 'vomit the crap'
out of Europeans with their dusgusting politics. Some
things are so corrupt that all Europeans scream up: "Shoot
him with Saddam!"

And Bush quickly stood up to Belgium: "That's not what
America is about!"

Well, certain grotesk regime ideologies are not allowed
President Bush. You may not perceive your crimes against
humanity, but that blinded notion is classic with historical
great visionary leaders and violators of humanity.

Bush in court Ceausescu style: "But you can't arrest
Americans, especially not its great leaders!"

"Terribly sorry. Just doing my job here at the Interpol Mr. Bush."

The utter denial of great visionary leaders, the utter screams
yelled by Ceausescu in Court an hour before his execution on
December 25, 1989. The people in court ignored all of Ceausescu's
yelling and were reading out loud the death sentence basically,
then ordered an immediate execution.

Its what Europe would do regarding Bush and his Iraq war:
Read out the sentence, not listening to a word he says and take
him to the nearest brick wall right by the court room.

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