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Do you know of any other infinite energy sources, dickweed ? !

Subject: Do you know of any other infinite energy sources, dickweed ? !
From: Jeff_Ðelf
Date: 11 Mar 2006 02:34:15 GMT
Newsgroups: sci.astro, sci.physics
Hi  Eric_Gisse,  Apparently referring to a long outdated Sci.Physics FAQ,
I wrote:
  The Sci.Physics FAQ says black holes never complete their formation,
  it takes too long, they'd evaporate before then.

And you replied:

  Reading is fundamental. 
  We never observe them to completely form, but they still form.

Where do they form then, besides inside your Sci_Fi rotted mind ?

As I told Sam_Wormley,
consider how the accelerated twin in the famous
Tiwns_Paradox had aged less when he meet back up with his mate.

The universe, a.k.a. Space_Time, is _Observed_ to be expanding at 
a contant acceleration, i.e. GR's Cosmological_Constant, lambda.
See the 1998 and 2004 landmarks in cosmology, Riess and WMAP.

That means that it's going from a notionally infinite density,
with no entropy, to a notionally perfect vacuum, with infinite entropy.
I call that Space_Time_Entropy.

Everything has just always been dissipating.
Dissipation, entropy, is an intrinsic property of mass_energy, I posit.
And it's so_called random nature is naught but unknowns.

Time is intrinsically spatial, it's only unknowns that make it seem otherwise.

A twin accerated to infinity at an event horizon
would experience _Zero_ proper time for the entire duration of the universe,
... a total impossibility.
He's also enjoy, ha ha, infinite Unruh radiation,
...that means there's an infinite energy source, another impossibility.

In Ireland, 2004, Hawking said:

  The way the information gets out seems to be that
  a true event horizon never forms, just an apparent horizon.
  __ GR Conference website summary of Hawking's talk.

You accept that vacuums are never perfect... don't you ?
What makes you think density and it's Unruh radiation could be infinite ?
Do you know of any other infinite energy sources, dickweed ? !

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