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Re: Min's Spiritual I.Q. Test...

Subject: Re: Min's Spiritual I.Q. Test...
From: "Mike Thomas"
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 23:30:16 GMT
Newsgroups: sci.astro, sci.astro.amateur, sci.physics, sci.skeptic, sci.archaeology


<RadicalLibertarian@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> Oh Lord God protect us and shed thine divine grace upon us, deliver us
> from our torturers and help us, oh Lord, that the Republicans would be
> booted out of office in the coming elections, that their tortures and
> their hatred will be defeated and overwhelmed with your mercy and love,
> oh God, that you might fills their hearts and evict the demons from
> within their hearts and minds which have possesed them in body and
> soul.
> Dear Lord protect and guide those Republicans, as their hearts are
> filled with a merciless hatred, deliver them from their illness, oh
> Lord, and make your divine countenance to shine upon them that they
> shall not dwell in the darnkness of hatred and evil but that they might
> also walk in the light.
> HEAL them, oh Lord, for they are SICK with hate, we pray thee Lord let
> not these evil Republicans destroy us, our families, our CHILDREN, let
> them not destroy us oh God, and grant us the strength to endure their
> tortures.
> Gather we now oh Lord in this hour of need, we come to you again oh
> God, humble sinners who seek thine divine mercy and wisdom. We ask only
> for your divine guidance oh Lord as we struggle against the terrible
> evils which have risen against us, terrible demonic forces of hatred
> which have filled the hearts of men who seek to destroy us, your humble
> servants, oh God of Abraham.
> We pray oh God that your divine presence and infinite wisdom would
> protect us from the all harm, that you would grant mercy on our enemies
> and the servants of satan who seek to destroy us.
> We are your undeserving servants oh Lord God most high, and unworthy of
> your grace. We present ourselves in your service, oh God of Abraham,
> that ye might guide us, protect us, and strengthen us as we face those
> who's hearts are filled with hatred.
> In these hours and days, oh Lord, as we prepare to be annihilated by
> our enemies, bless our humble service unto thee dear God even unto our
> deaths by thine holy grace.
> Our enemies have built a terrible machine, oh God, a machine which is
> being used to destroy your eternal blessing. A computer network filled
> with lies and untruths about the deeds of good men who have fallen, and
> have been born again, washed in the blood, and annointed by your divine
> forgiveness.
> This machine, oh God is being used to oppress your people, your humble
> servants, to prevent them from working and earning a living, feeding
> their children or sustaining their health. This evil has descended upon
> us Lord, and we only ask for your divine guidance as we battle this
> instrument of hatred and death.
> Even worse, oh God, is the evil which has infected the very hearts of
> good men who have turned away from your loving wisdom and know only
> hatred and bitterness. They seek to destroy the felon and the
> ex-convict oh God, and we pray for your divine protection so that we
> may continue to serve you with humility and shame for what we have
> done, but with hope that we might spread the divine message of your son
> Christ Jesus.
> So many men have been infected with this hatred, oh God, that we ask
> that you might enter theri hearts and be within them, and bless them
> dear God, good men like Joe Arpaio, good men like our military men,
> those in government and those who lead us.
> And we ask, oh Lord, that you might bless Rep. Jerry Petrowski,
> R-Marathon, who has introduced a law which would bring great harm to
> ourselves, our families, and our children. We pray thee God fill his
> heart with your presence and grant him your divine wisdom as he
> prepares to destroy us.
> And we pray, oh Lord, for the victims of our own rmadness. That you
> will keep them, and bless them. And grant us a new path, oh Lord, that
> we might conquer our demons and find ourselves in a place within your
> divine and holy light.
> And we pray thee almighty God that thine divine and infinite wisdom
> might be shed upon your blessed child, Nancy Grace, who has been led
> astray by the demons of hatred and animosity which have infected so
> many of your flock.
> Let us not be tempted to break your commandent against bearing false
> witness via TV set. Lead us from bearing false witness, oh Lord, as
> Nancy Grace and her guests attempt to seduce us with their angry and
> deviant antisocial judgementalism of criminal suspects.
> Let us not judge anyone until that person has had a fair trial oh Lord,
> and keep us safe from the mentality of Nancy Grace and her hate filled
> guests.

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