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Re: Ballistic Theory and the Sagnac Experiment

Subject: Re: Ballistic Theory and the Sagnac Experiment
From: "George Dishman"
Date: 24 Mar 2006 04:08:04 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.astro, sci.physics.relativity, sci.physics
George Dishman wrote:
> [email protected] wrote:
> > Summary:
> > Jim claims doppler change from (1) to be the result of (4)
> > George and Jeff that it is due to (3)
> That is an inaccurate statement of my claim, my
> position is this:

What I wrote in a) wasn't quite right, it should
have been this:

 a) A Doppler shift occurs in both (3) and (4)
   because the arrival rate differs from the
   firing rate but no Doppler occurs in (1) or
   (2) because the firing rate is the same as
   the arrival rates in each case.

> b) The target damage is greater in (2) and (4)
>    than it is in (1) and (3).
> c) The rifleman changes his position between
>    shots in (3) and (4) but not in (1) or (2).
> Observations: Doppler shift occurs whenever there
> is a change of position between shots whether there
> is a change of target damage or not.
> Conclusion: It is the change of position which is the
> cause of the changed arrival rates in (3) and (4), not
> the changed speed of the bullet which occurs in (2)
> and (4).
> I can't speak for anyone else.


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