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(repeat) Central Galaxy Model

Subject: (repeat) Central Galaxy Model
Date: 9 Mar 2006 15:49:35 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.astro
The central galaxy model fell into my
understanding in a matter of a few weeks:

Basically jets radiate electrons at
near speed of light with immense
brightness in two directions from
active galaxies. If the jets are faced
right toward Earth from a distance, they
seem very bright. How are these jets formed?

Imagine a hole in the center of spiral
galaxies opening up, as in hurricanes,
an eye a result of ordinary swirling,
found in the bathtub when the water
goes down the drain. But there is no
black-hole-like drain in the center of
hurricanes. So far I explained that
a 'hole' exists in the center of spiral
galaxies, as with hurricane eyes, a
natural phenomena associated with
swirling systems. When the eye naturally
opens from up to billions of Sun masses
in the galaxy center as the galaxy grows
in size, the eye, heavily pressurized
by gravity, releases spiraling of
electrons in two directions.

My email is gb6724@xxxxxxxxx
if you have any questions.

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