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Re: Ed Leedskalnin, H5N1, and *YOU*

Subject: Re: Ed Leedskalnin, H5N1, and *YOU*
From: "barney"
Date: 15 Mar 2006 12:25:09 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.astro, sci.astro.amateur, sci.physics, sci.skeptic, sci.archaeology
Non scrivetemi wrote:

> Recall what the GREAT BUILDER Ed Leedskalnin said,
> particularly in reference to the brute, low person;
> meaning, of course, devoutly-religious Atheists and
> other fundamentalist-literalist religious fanatics
> who are grievously incapable of independent thought.
> Those who've been badly misled by unwary misleaders,
> i.e., who Nostradamus called "bit, banished, misled":
>  "I found out that the researchers were misled by
>   wrong instruction books..."
>   --'MAGNETIC CURRENT', Edward Leedskalnin, 1945
>  "...the one who is educated from the wrong books
>   is not educated, he is misled....
>  "An educated person is one whose senses are
>   refined. We are born as brutes, we remain and
>   die as the same if we do not become polished.
>   Some are too coarse to take it....
>  "Now, if you lack willingness to learn, you will
>   remain as a brute and if you do things that are
>   not good and right, you will be a low person"
>   --'BOOK IN EVERY HOME', Edward Leedskalnin, 1936
> You see, the brute beast, the person of coarse, low,
> barbaric vibrations (confused, aberrant souls, often
> reddish with hatred) from the moment of its physical
> death, that badly-misled soul is held to account for
> its rabid hatred, its treasonous rebellion, against
> God. Thus those souls are damned to the low regions,
> the circles of the hellish sub-planes each according
> to its works, its needs, its karma. There, they live
> in shame and everlasting contempt, and in fear of the
> (future) Judgment, because they've failed abjectly to
> account for their short and hate-filled lives on Earth.
> There, these damned souls seek death but do not find
> it (often, they don't even realize that their mortal
> body is dead and extinct). So they call to the rocky
> firmament above their heads (i.e., shades looking up
> from afar off in the molten pit far below your feet),
> they call to the rocks to fall on them, to hide them
> from the face of the Emperor of heaven, and from the
> (undiluted) wrath of Lucificus--in vain, all in vain.
> Also, I remind the astute reader what the great Hebrew-
> Xian-Roman historian Flavius Josephus said in his great
> 'Discourse to the Greeks concerning Hades', bk 1, ch 1:
> "the just are guided to the right hand, and are led
>  with hymns, sung by the angels appointed over that
>  place, unto a region of light, in which the just
>  have dwelt from the beginning of the world; not
>  constrained by necessity, but ever enjoying the
>  prospect of the good things they see, and rejoice
>  in the expectation of those new enjoyments which
>  will be peculiar to every one of them, and estee-
>  ming those things beyond what we have here; with
>  whom there is no place of toil, no burning heat,
>  no piercing cold, nor are any briers there; but
>  the countenance of the and of the just, which they
>  see, always smiles them, while they wait for that
>  rest and eternal new life in heaven, which is to
>  succeed this region. This place we call The Bosom
>  of Abraham.
> "But as to the unjust, they are dragged by force to
>  the left hand by the angels allotted for punishment,
>  no longer going with a good-will, but as prisoners
>  driven by violence; to whom are sent the angels
>  appointed over them to reproach them and threaten
>  them with their terrible looks, and to thrust them
>  still downwards. Now those angels that are set over
>  these souls drag them into the neighborhood of hell
>  itself; who, when they are hard by it, continually
>  hear the noise of it, and do not stand clear of the
>  hot vapor itself; but when they have a near view of
>  this spectacle, as of a terrible and exceeding great
>  prospect of fire, they are struck with a fearful
>  expectation of a **future judgment**, and in effect
>  punished thereby: and not only so, but where they
>  see the place [or choir] of the fathers and of the
>  just, even hereby are they punished; for a chaos
>  deep and large is fixed between them; insomuch that
>  a just man that hath compassion upon them cannot be
>  admitted, nor can one that is unjust, if he were
>  bold enough to attempt it, pass over it."
>  [end quote; **emphasis added]
> You can read this in the broader context on this URL:
> Enjoy Life! (I do it all the time)
> Daniel Joseph Min
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Jason Higley is a fruitcake and UFO nut.

From: "Jason H." <[email protected]>

Lately I've been thinking about that time awhile back I saw that
satellite reverse direction and stop (see the post quoted below) with
my naked eye and since then I've found that others (including an
amateur astronomer) on the internet have posted the same experience
(but at different times and places); I'm interested in conducting
follow-up observations of any reported sky locations of satellites that

suddenly reverse direction.  Athough I saw this object with the naked
eye (and I expect that's how all others would see them)  I also
currently have a 6" objective refractor, and if necessary I can borrow
my club's loaner 12" goto reflector and a TEC 140 refractor (that's
also goto), so contact me if you see reversing satellites (objects that

look like a moving star and that suddenly reverses direction).  I'd
like to hear from amateur astronomers who can give me good approximate
coordinates of reversing satellite candidate objects, but even if you
are not an amateur astronomer, please tell me if it was going south to
north, north to south East to West, West to East, if you noticed an
easy to recognize sky feature nearby, like the Orion nebula, Pleiades,
Big Dipper, planets, moon etc.  What time did it happen? Where did you
view the event from. What were the sky conditions.  Did others see it?
Was it as bright as a star (this is important, I don't want to hear
about objects that are as bright as (or brighter than) airplanes, they
must be very similar in brightness to stars.
Again, I'm ONLY interested in satellites that suddenly slow down, stop,

and reverse direction.  No other objects please.  You can post what you

see here or you can attempt to e-mail me [email protected]
(I only skim the e-mail in the juno address attached to these usenet
posts perhaps twice a year .)

Here is my post of July 12 2002

"Well, I've just returned from a vacation down in Naples Florida,
and" ... "I was on the beach last Monday night with the wife and I
was looking at the fairly dark skies over the Gulf of Mexico around
10:25 pm Eastern time when I saw something that I thought I'd seen
many times in the past, an object that appeared to be a satellite
orbiting the Earth.  I tell the wife "Hey honey, you see that dot that
looks like a star moving, yeah right there" and she answered "Yes."
and then I said "well that is a satellite." in a very matter-of-fact
fashion.  As we watched it moving along it appeared to move with the
speed of an impossibly high aircraft THROUGH the field of stars (i.e.
it moved relative to the others which looked stationary, it was quite
different than the others.)  But then there was a problem with 'my'
satellite.  It started slowing down stopped for a second and then
moved backward about a half a degree and stopped moving altogether.
It stunned me that what was supposed to be a satellite (to me anyway)
now appeared to just be a star against the sky.  I've read about all
those folks who mistook Venus as a UFO and thought this was impossible
because my 'satellite' was moving relative to the otherwise stationary
PAST!  If my wife and I had not been watching it at that moment, I
really would be questioning my sanity, but the wife has confirmed to
me on several subsequent inquiries (to the point of her being
frustrated with me), including immediately after seeing it, that we
really did see what is described above.  My wife doesn't really care
at all what it is and is content with ignoring it and continuing with
everyday life (and I will too after this post.)  But while I was down
in Naples I was hitting the book stores while the family was hitting
the beach and pools to look up the position in the sky/star atlases to
see what I had very carefully written down as positioned near/against
the Big Dipper, including the luminosity (which it turns out that I
got right, relative to each other) and here is what I found.

     I was hoping that it would be an object not found on any star
chart, that way I could say "Hey guys, just look at RA/DEC and see my
UFO!"  Unfortunately, it didn't turn out that way.  What I found was
the star Cor Caroli, the alpha star in Canes Venatici at RA 12h
56.133m, DEC 38 deg. 18.378', Hiparcos cat # 63125, TYC #3021-2645-1,
Magnitude 2.87 (which agreed with my estimate from the original
viewing) which is a binary star with a >10" separation with a small
variability of <0.6 magnitude  at a distance of 100.2 light years (and
not in orbit :-) with a luminosity of 100 suns and a radius of 2.3
solar radii (all of the above per my Starry Night Pro tm software THAT
I WON by answering an astronomy question about Mars [the first person
who tried to answer the question cursed a racial slur after he got it
wrong] on the "Are We Alone? radio show sponsored by the SETI
Institute (thanks SETI Institute, I will put it to good use).

     Boy was I embarrassed (in my mind anyway).  Here was a star that
probably every amateur astronomer started with, and I didn't know
right away what it was (a testament to my lifelong aversion to
learning mythical skylore and constellation stories, which I still
can't stomach).  What's worse, how do you tell others that a star that
has been known for ages was out on maneuvers :-)  Needless to say, I
had a considerable amount of sympathy for the UFO fans that DO see
things like military aircraft and the like and others think they're
crackpots.  All of my life I've looked at the subject with a skeptical
eye (and hopefully still do) but it really is a challenge for me to
get over something that BOTH the wife and I saw, especially since she
doesn't care one way or the other about it.  In fact, it is so bizarre
that when I try to rationalize this in a truly skeptical fashion the
closest I can come to an explanation is that I saw an optical illusion
caused by the mind and eye (which I have seen in optical illusion
books) and then my suggestion to my wife caused her to have a
sympathetic similar reaction.  BUT, I DON'T BELIEVE THIS TO BE THE
CASE; YOU HAD TO BE THERE!  But there is evidence in other UFO studies
that a large percentage of these cases are psycho-sematic.  No doubt,
others who have seen real phenomena (like military experimental
aircraft, as opposed to my seeming impossible one) are just as

Do I believe in conspiracy theories? Emphatically NO!  But maybe we
'throw out the baby with the bath-water' when we reject ALL of the
cases.  They can never have enough evidence through word of mouth.
Allan Hendry, writer of The UFO Handbook, back in 1979, after
examining 1300 cases first-hand on a case-by-case basis, was
frustrated at "our current inability to fully draw a distinction
between real UFOs and IFOs, fantasies or hoaxes..." and wrote
"...Unless we develop drastically new ideas and methodologies for the
study of the baffling UFO cases and the human context in which they
occur we will watch the next thirty years of UFO report gathering
simply mirror the futility and frustration of the last thirty years."

   Seemingly quite prescient, no?   But there is a seed of truth in
some of the reports (as the Roswell 'balloon' proved).  Maybe some of
these seeds will lead to the right experimental proof?  Unfortunately
for me, my case is too weak to even consider.   And even I'm inclined
to think that my case sounds like an optical illusion (TO OTHERS, BUT
I STILL BELIEVE IT TO BE REAL!)  All's I know is that I'm now somewhat
convinced that it is irrational exclude all cases.  I'm going to have
my eye glued to Cor Caroli (it's right next to the Big Dipper) for the
rest of my life, even though it's IMPOSSIBLE EVEN TO ME, that it could
be a probe. 

Regards, Jason H."

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