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Re: Nature demands an eye for swirling spiraling galaxies

Subject: Re: Nature demands an eye for swirling spiraling galaxies
Date: 17 Mar 2006 09:49:48 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.astro
Nobody dares. But they feel being violated by Google.
I would report them, because you can't get in trouble
by reporting them to the FTC from other countries and
from anywhere. People fear reporting a company, because
I would think that the US government would start calling me
and stuff. The FTC perfectly respects your privacy and
fights companies who violate that. They are for dealing
with companies that generate unhappy customers. Remember
the BBB does nothing, and it doesn't even belong to the
government. They are a non-profit organization who establishes
a communication between a person making a complaint and
companies in the USA. The FTC is a government organization,
which does respond to complaints if there are many, and do
whatever they want or need to satisfy the unhappy customers.
I don't care about software piracy and stuff. I am a programmer
and I don't care. I care about selling private people's information
like most people in the USA don't want their private information
to be shared. Its normal, and Google has this view profile feature
and all the details about private informations. They are faceless,
and criminals.

So. That's what it is.

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