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Re: Nature demands an eye for swirling spiraling galaxies

Subject: Re: Nature demands an eye for swirling spiraling galaxies
Date: 17 Mar 2006 05:52:13 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.astro
And speeds of near 200 miles/hour compared to near c.

Simple math. The speed of light is roughly 300000km/sec,
and the speed of max hurricane winds is roughly 89 meters/sec or 0.089

Such a hurricane would have 25 mile or 40 kilometer diameter for its

The galaxy moves up to 3375000 times faster and a
galaxy is 1 576 800 000 000 000 larger.

That's 1.6 quadrillion (trillion in European metrics) times larger, but
3375000 times faster.

Faster systems are much larger, but their eye can rotate with much
faster speeds as well, as fast as they can given the energy of the
and if the speeds did not met the energy demanding faster speeds near
the eye, the eye widens due to speed thresholds.

Of course this revelation would show that c is relativistic, but not
infinite, as relative speeds may stretch between particle a, b, c, but
sum of relativistically aligned particles would never reach infinite

Well, I give up as I am not a physicist or an astronomist or
but I assume the eye should be very large for a spiral galaxy like
if not a million stars in diameter. I don't know.

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