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Re: Ballistic Theory and the Sagnac Experiment

Subject: Re: Ballistic Theory and the Sagnac Experiment
From: "George Dishman"
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 15:24:29 -0000
Newsgroups: sci.astro, sci.physics.relativity, sci.physics
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> | You may wish to hide behind your incompetence
> | but others do not:
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> | I think you're just too lazy to do the work.
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> | George
> "If we take HU Aquarii's published orbit period of 125 minutes"
> I KNOW you are just too stupid to understand physics,

Be aware I am quoting from a site supporting Sekerin and
ballistic theory and offering this as an explanation of
why de Sitter's multiple images aren't seen.

> but it takes 90 minutes for Hubble to orbit the Earth.
> 125 minutes to orbit a star is ridiculous.

It is an eclipsing binary with eclipses happening
once every 125 minutes.


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