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Re: White Holes rather than black, what do they tell us?

Subject: Re: White Holes rather than black, what do they tell us?
Date: 22 Mar 2006 12:59:40 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.astro
Gravity is an inertial force, and certain conditions can generate
inertial forces near suspected blackholes which act as white holes,
and the combination produces a very powerful swirling around an
eye. The eye is not as important but that like electricity, there is
a magnetic type field, distributed over large distances, and like a
magnet the system, priorly referred to as black holes works in
such hurricane-eye-like fashion, separating the high-and low pressures,
both gravitational forces in a spiral galaxy nucleus to produce
wide-range distrinuted inertial forces, as seen with atmospheric
conditions driving cyclones. Nature has opposing forces, and
one of the forces generated by large volumes of mass are inertial
properties, gravitational inertial streams so to speak over long
distances. So objects do not only sense and respond to the mass
of nearby objects, but two Suns may be pulled apart toward two
opposite directions by other larger masses directing their directions.
And sometimes objects may never collide into forming a black hole,
but rather remain in a non-blackhole regions in a high-speed
large-mass-swirling conditions. When galaxies crash and the
swirling eyes collide and the swirling breaks, rather than
collapsing into a black hole the result is rather highly turbulant and
explosive as matter cannot be accelerated to infinite speeds, and
forces opposing the gravitational collapse may form.

I have estimated, that very large galaxies may develop a white hole
and a black hole around its eye, reaching a gravitational threshold
in which case a large discharge of mass, either through wormholes
or the form of a big bang may occur, but such galaxy would be
a supergalaxy not observed in the visible regiments of the Universe.

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