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Re: White Holes rather than black, what do they tell us?

Subject: Re: White Holes rather than black, what do they tell us?
Date: 22 Mar 2006 14:39:16 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.astro

Why astronomists, cosmologists and theoretical physicists
thought there was a high likelyhood of black holes, and
what went wrong?

There was a long belief that the strong X-ray emissions
came from real black holes from the center of galaxies,
where scientists estimated that the gravity in the center
of the galaxies (spiral galaxies like our own Milky Way
Galaxy) is huge, that there must be a black hole. But
recently a scientist, I forgot his name, spent years gathering
X-rays from a galaxy, and found after years of separating X-ray
signals, that the X-rays do not come from the center where
scientists were expecting a massive black hole, but from the
whole visible region millions of light years from the galaxy
nucleus. I immediately knew why the common model
describing X-ray emitions from blackholes failed completely.
The X-rays came from ordinary Solar Flare activities, which
occur everywhere where there is dense Solar matter.
Radiation comes from Solar Discharges, like Solar "lightning",
as there is energy threshold regarding how much energy
Solar Mass can hold locally. So this theory became clear
with recent findings, but not yet publicized for scientific
journals, but the results are open and known and found by
me first in the world.

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