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Re: Intelligent Design

Subject: Re: Intelligent Design
From: Seppo Renfors
Date: Sat, 03 Dec 2005 22:46:43 GMT
Newsgroups: sci.astro, sci.astro.amateur, sci.physics, sci.skeptic, sci.archaeology
WinField wrote:
> T Wake wrote:
>         [blue-banana math snipped]
> > Can you, in good faith, explain to me how you work out the mathematical
> > probability that an "Intelligent designer" has designed everything?
> 100%  piece of cake
> Every breath you take.  Every thought you think.  Every experiment, sin
> aspiration, word etc. you have lived through has been intelligent design
> (even your blindness to creation - to create a contrast to those who see
> the light ...)
> Even the laws of randomness have their place to bolster and support
> intelligence.  Even natural selection has intelligent design imbedded
> within itself.  Blind, unconscious, percolating energy/matter doesn't
> RECOGNIZE  favoritism, or even strong or weak, or time.
> Have fun running the Rat-Race, T Wake.  Hope you wake up soon ... =)

Here we see a good example of that 'raw faith' I have been speaking
about - the request was for a "mathematical probability that an
intelligent designer has designed everything" - the reply was in the
form of "raw faith" - no maths or anything else necessary. The
assertion of it existing is supposedly enough.

If one was to accept that being true - then it can ONLY exist to
someone who has that "raw faith" - to everyone else it cannot exist
because they don't suffer the required condition. Ipso facto
Intelligent Design cannot exist as it requires a universality that
does not exist. 
However, it will not make the slightest difference to a "believer" as
they reject everything, including common sense and logic, that does
NOT support their religion. It is exactly that same mindset that makes
suicide bombers such effective "weapons", it also creates the apparent
never ending supply of them as well. 

Once a raw belief of the desired kind has been successfully installed,
it has removed the capacity for sound logical reasoning and the person
is ready to be moulded into whatever shape the leaders want - as "the
will of god" - reason and logic play no part any more. That these
people are merely TOOLS in a greater power struggle, is apparent from
the fact none of the leaders blow themselves up in suicide bombings -
they run away and have some other mug kill themselves instead. 

This isn't to say that Intelligent Design believers will become
suicide bombers - I merely use a known condition of raw faith as an
example and where it can lead to - specially when you usurp the power
of sound logical reasoning in favour of a raw faith.

SIR - Philosopher unauthorised 
The one who is educated from the wrong books is not educated, he is

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