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Re: Nancy Lieder (Planet_X Lady) On Coast To Coast AM on Tuesday!

Subject: Re: Nancy Lieder (Planet_X Lady) On Coast To Coast AM on Tuesday!
From: Rudolph_X
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2005 07:05:41 GMT
Newsgroups: sci.astro

Rudolph_X wrote:

Skywise wrote:

Rudolph_X <[email protected]> wrote in [email protected]:">news:[email protected]:

Saul Levy wrote:

As I've said here before, Rudy:

Alas, Nancy has yet to say one thing based on reality.  In the past
she would have been certifiably crazy.  She IS schizophrenic.

Yes, maybe that's why is is a guest on Coast To Coast AM. If she is so crazy, then she fits right in with the other regular guests on Coast To Coast AM, with a listening audience of millions of avid listeners world wide. I guess tens of millions of Coast To Coast AM listeners like hearing from these 'crazy guests', because it make more sense to them than the daily crap they get from day-time media. Well, we all know 'night owls' are a different breed from 'early birds', so go figure.


Not all night owls. I am one such night owl, and I do listen to C2C.
I listen because I find it entertaining some of the stuff people
will believe in. It is also part of my quest to understand WHY people
believe and think the way they do.

I am quite a fan right now of Micheal Shermer, who wrote the book
"Why People Believe Weird Things".

Just a data point...


Well, Sky, as the space shuttle is getting ready to make a night-time landing, CNN is showing reruns of Larry King Live, (although later I'm sure they will cover the space shuttle). Meanwhile Coast To Coast AM has all night live coverage of the Shuttle's return, with a buch of guests, including Richard C. Hoagland, Tim Ventura, and Ken Johnston. So, the Coast To Coast AM guests are not always a bunch of nutcases, as a lot of folks here claim.
Also, I might add, that Nancy claimed a 'bad' faction of 'alien
terrorists' actually may have shot down the last space shuttle that
crashed during reentry. There were even newspaper stories of photos
taken, of a purple colored lightning bolt type phenomenon, actually
striking the shuttle during reentry. These photos were sent to NASA and
mysteriously disappeared and were never heard of again.
Now, Nancy will probably say, "The Aliens did it." on Tuesday night, if
this one doesn't make it safely home. It troubles me that they are
having Nancy as a guest just a day after the shuttle is supposed to make
its return landing. NASA better not screw this one up.

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