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Interesting mineral form captured by Spirit on Mars

Subject: Interesting mineral form captured by Spirit on Mars
Date: 5 Jul 2005 22:44:27 -0700
Newsgroups: sci.astro, alt.sci.planetary, sci.geo.geology
I noticed in the following microscopic image from Spirit Sol 529 an
interesting mineralization.  The feature I want to point out is in the
centre of the picture, a little bit below and to the left.

See also along the left edge middle of this picture for similar
spherical crusty object.

These looks a bit like a piece of a crust of a sphere made with little
radial columns.  The microscopic imager makes pictures about 31 mm
square so this feature represents the crust from something spherical
about a centimeter in diameter.

Any ideas or comments about what it could be the result of?

In a close-by image from the same series there is another one of those
match-stick stick and ball features that were also seen at the "Pot of
Gold" rocks found earlier by Spirit.

Look at other images from the same series at

The "Pot of Gold" pictures are available here.

Below this is something I posted about "Pot of Gold" last year.
What am I proposing here:  Only that this new image is worth the look
and it seems to me that the rock here is closely related to the "Pot of
Gold" rock.

I also suspect, although this suspicion is much more speculative, that
the same process that created "Pot of Gold" and the crusty features
here, this same process was involved with forming the hematite
Meridiani spherules.

Mars Fossils, Pseudofossils and Problematica­rg/mars


MarsFossils   Jun 29 2004, 7:21 pm     show options

Newsgroups: alt.sci.planetary, sci.geo.geology
From: [email protected] (MarsFossils)
Date: 29 Jun 2004 12:21:31 -0700
Local: Tues,Jun 29 2004 7:21 pm
Subject: The match-stick objects at Gusev Pot of Gold

Hello all,

The microscopic pictures from the Spirit rover continue to be
fascinating and perplexing.

This image here, in the bottom left hand corner, shows two peculiar

#1 There is what looks like a bunch of grapes neatly clustered along a
The line is about 10 mm long and each grape is a bit less than a mm in

#2 Below that is another pipe going into a spherical concretion.
The pipe leaves again, but this time at an off-set angle,
that is there are two pipes coming out of this concretion.
The left pipe coming in has little regularly spaced spherical bumps
along it.

Do you think the pipes grow out of the spherical concretions or do
they only
grow after the pipe is already formed?
That is, does the pipe come first, or the spherical concretions?
Is there anyway to say?
Maybe there is a concretion, it puts out a pipe, makes a concretions,
puts out a pipe, ..
Are there concretions at both ends of the pipe, or just a one end?
Are the pipes all aligned more or less in the same direction?

In this image here,­lery/all/2/m/171/2M141552287EF­F69A4P293...

a third of the way down the right side, there is a broken off spot.
Could that be a pipe cross section there in the middle with the happy
It is less than a mm in diameter.
There might be a second pipe cross-section at the bottom left corner,
about one fifth the way up and across.

And at the bottom right corner of this one too...­lery/all/2/m/170/2M141460776EF­F69A4P290...

This guy also has one of those grapey things as well at the bottom
left corner.

This picture has a bright white spot two/thirds the way down the right

Could that also be another cross-section of a broken off pipe.
It is 1 mm diameter and has a little bit of symmetry in its pattern.

They are great pictures.   Any ideas or comments?

Mars Fossils, Pseudofossils and Problematica­rg/mars
Just ignore everything in there about algae for now...

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