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Re: Bad News for 'Moon Hoax' Buffs

Subject: Re: Bad News for 'Moon Hoax' Buffs
From: =The Commentator=
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2005 22:53:30 -0700
Newsgroups:, sci.astro, sci.skeptic, sci.physics, alt.usenet.kooks
Brad Guth wrote:

> Bookman;
> > Newspapers are inanimate objects, Guthball, they don't read anything.
> That may actually be true about the likes of The New York Times and The
> Washington Post but, they'll certainly print anything for the almighty
> buck, even if those bucks are saturated in the blood of innocent folks
> doesn't seem to matter since they're going into an offshore account so
> that their Arthur Andersen accounting firm can clean them suckers real
> good by way of personally licking them dollars clean down to the last
> blood cell.

Since you have never earned an honest dollar in your life, how would you
know about them?

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