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Re: NOMINATION: Re: *Newsflash* Art Deco has his own website ! ... Enjoy

Subject: Re: NOMINATION: Re: *Newsflash* Art Deco has his own website ! ... Enjoy
From: "BEE"
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 18:11:18 +1000
Newsgroups: alt.astronomy, alt.usenet.kooks,, alt.alien.visitors, sci.astro
Hey there C...
scoll down ...
"Charles D. Bohne" <spam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> On Mon, 20 Jun 2005 10:29:10 +1000, "BEE" <rubarb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>>> Bee-gone-to sleep ;->
>>> C.
> Bee-back-from-sleep:

Yer! <g>
>>Hey there Simly C:-)
>>I saw six moons .. the 6th one hidden slightly to the top right hand side 
>>I was looking straight at them .. I was very wrae at the time that I was
>>there looking at them ..
> Each year the Futhark Runes code one each of the first six moons in
> sequence. The seventh moon of every year is like the mystic column and
> is not coded by a Rune (though the daily and weekly practice continues
> as does the Psi Chrono Unit activation). However, each of the Moons 8-13
> are coded by a Rune, but in the reverse order of Moons 1-6. The first
> set is known as "descending order" and the second set, "ascending
> order." The Moon sequence is further coded by the corresponding Major
> Arcanum attribute.

I am definatel going to check this out!
>>They were the brightest moons I had ever seen .. I could wait to return 
>>on my return I was aware that I was back in my body (so I thought) .. due 
>>the feeling of not being able to move not even a hair on my head ..
> No sun?

No ...Why??
>>I felt like my body was frozen but I wasn't!!  I then just sunk into 
>>and I awoke! I wrote down in detail what I saw and how I got ther and came
>>back .. I have never forgotten it .
> It's just a start. Next night .. more to come.
As in ??
> Bee-careful!
> C.

Tell me more !! :-)


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