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Re: The Sacred Cows Of Physics Re: The ET UFO Park-n-Ride Tarmac of Venu

Subject: Re: The Sacred Cows Of Physics Re: The ET UFO Park-n-Ride Tarmac of Venus
From: "Dr. Flonkenstein"
Date: Sat, 03 Sep 2005 23:38:27 +0200
Newsgroups: sci.astro.seti, alt.alien.visitors, alt.usenet.kooks,, soc.culture.scientists
On Sat, 03 Sep 2005 15:28:52 -0600, Art Deco wrote:

> Dr. Flonkenstein <admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>On Sat, 03 Sep 2005 19:33:59 +0000, Bookman wrote:
>>> On Thu, 01 Sep 2005 06:15:25 GMT,
>>> "";
>>> <truth@xxxx> wrote:
>>>>On Wed, 31 Aug 2005 21:22:08 -0600, Art Deco <art_deco@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>>Dr. Flonkenstein <admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>>>On Wed, 31 Aug 2005 15:34:30 -0700, Brad Guth wrote:
>>>>>>> John Griffin,
>>>>>>> Now you're being silly, are you not?
>>>>>>> Although, I very much like your unproven black hole gaining momentum
>>>>>>> notion.
>>>>>>> BTW; it was I that stated antimatter has the capacity as to absorb
>>>>>>> and/or perhaps neutralize energy is a better catch phrase for rocking
>>>>>>> your mainstream status quo good ship LOLLIPOP. Thus energy-in doesn't
>>>>>>> necessarily represent energy-out.
>>>>>>> Since you'll do anything as to keeping this topic off the primary set
>>>>>>> of tracks, as away from having anything to do with Venus or even that
>>>>>>> of our moon. In that case, might I ask as to what's in your good book
>>>>>>> that explains what the heck dark matter is all about?
>>>>>>Maybe you should start to learn some basic physics first.
>>>>>Maybe you should cut back on the meth.
>>> Hi, Monkey-see-monkey-do-Alexa.  Nice misuse of the term "kookfight".
>>Normally she's at her 3d or 4th bottle of Tequila when she does that! 
> And the next empty tequila bottle goes...

into the bin! 

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The Way of the Kook:

in Message-ID:<adurg15tk0vd6ip6r1lh297cequd35addb@xxxxxxx> 
Alexa "Crackpot" Cameron explains electromagnetism, and how
the sun has an 'iron core': 
"The sun and the earth are 'magnets', each with an iron
based core, and both have an electrical force between them."

in Message-ID: <rjise19nrclufrgjg5ragcpbbihn3coliv@xxxxxxx>
Mark "Woody" Ferguson shows his mastery of the English language: 
"With patients and practice you could be nominated next time around..."

in Message-MID: <k1kte1hu59khhkt4m1g42g52gkacmcokin@xxxxxxx>
Mark "The illiterate" Ferguson astonishes everybody saying:
"Oh, for  s sake, Gary no matter how angery he thinks he makes there
are lines I will not cross unless I believe what I say is the true, I
know more then you."

in Message-ID: <lhic01pc5svudk22n6rpcvovskdmpi3ir8@xxxxxxx>
Alexa "Tequila Titsz" Cameron explains world religions: 
"The jews roots are islamic."

in Message-ID: <j1b5c1l2629tc6afu575d5puclm321knok@xxxxxxx>
Alexa "dumbass" Cameron shows her knowledge of history: 
"WRONGO.  There was NO Bible before King James had it written."

in Message-ID: <5g89d15kbjd3cd7i6fn9c3ke93n12dm406@xxxxxxx> 
Alexa "Word Salad" Cameron shows her knowledge of science:
"Einstein never found the double superimposed doubl 'equilateral' triangle."

in Message-ID: <1rfee1d5iuhq3piii8b9dtq9rtk5uatr1h@xxxxxxx> 
Alexa "Kook of the year 2004" Cameron uses words she doesn't understand again: 
"Why is the Pentagon killing American citizens with non-lethal technology?"

in Message-ID: <2mrge1phgk68ourdt2eq8thne0h7hv0sb6@xxxxxxx> 
Alexa "Imnotalexadammit" Cameron has problems with that extra finger 
on her hand: 
"Why do the Jews use the Star of David as symbolic of the Pentagon, or

reminder: Message-ID: <pan.2005.>
The quote naziwhore Don Ocean stole.

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