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Re: The Sacred Cows Of Physics Re: The ET UFO Park-n-Ride Tarmac of Venu

Subject: Re: The Sacred Cows Of Physics Re: The ET UFO Park-n-Ride Tarmac of Venus
From: "Brad Guth"
Date: 1 Sep 2005 07:57:04 -0700
Newsgroups: sci.astro.seti, alt.alien.visitors, alt.usenet.kooks,, soc.culture.scientists
John Griffin;
>When matter falls into a black hole, the "new" black hole
>has acquired its momentum. I never heard of the idea of
>antimatter absorbing energy. Where'd that come from?

>So, since there's  , there oughta be anti ?
Now you're just being silly, are you not?

Although, I very much like your unproven black hole gaining momentum
notion, even though a gain in size has been the most commly accepted
rule, which in of a matter of a black hole expanding in size is
certainly a viable form of momentum with respect to the whatever's at
the core of such apparent suckers of all there is.

BTW; it was I that stated antimatter has the capacity as to absorb
and/or perhaps neutralize energy is a better catch phrase for rocking
your mainstream status quo good ship LOLLIPOP. Thus energy-in doesn't
necessarily represent energy-out if there's a sufficient dosage of
antimatter at the core of a given black hole.

Since you'll do anything as to keeping this topic off the primary set
of tracks, as away from having anything to do with Venus or even that
of our moon. In that case, might I ask as to what's within your good
book that explains what the heck if not having to do with photons is
dark matter all about?
Now it seems that in addition the browser malware/spermware attacks,
that the GOOGLE-V chip of USENET access moderation is reporting back
that after having posted extremely few and of relatively less wordy
replies that I've somehow exceeded my posting limit, or perhaps rather
the bandwidth drain upon the usenet mainframe or whatever MI6/NSA
matrix caused by so many folks having a look-see at whatever I've
contributed is the actual fault.

Life on Venus, Township w/Bridge and ET/UFO Park-n-Ride Tarmac:
The Russian/China LSE-CM/ISS (Lunar Space Elevator)
Venus ETs, plus the updated sub-topics; Brad Guth / GASA-IEIS
"In war there are no rules" - Brad Guth

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