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Re: Weather (Was: OT: go nuclear. Was: Detecting ETI via CO2)

Subject: Re: Weather Was: OT: go nuclear. Was: Detecting ETI via CO2
From: Matt Giwer
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 03:51:06 GMT
Newsgroups: sci.astro.seti
Martin 53N 1W wrote:
Matt Giwer wrote:

Martin 53N 1W wrote:
As the DOD decided to classify this lowly physicist as an EE and as I spent my two decades working with engineers, mostly EEs, I am quite familiar with engineers.
Engineering covers a very wide spectrum. Don't forget the science aspects...
        I am completely familiar with both science and engineering R&D. If I am 
not, no one is.

OK, try this one (real world):
What happens (is happening) to the air just below a nice fluffy (non-raining) cloud at about 9000' as might be seen early in a Florida afternoon?
Happening in what sense? It is not warming as much for being shaded as the sunlight is reflected back into space.
Yes. That is part of the story. And also, an isolated cloud will absorb a percentage of the solar radiation.
However, there are much more significant factors.
The air under the cloud is rising.
The air alongside the cloud and further out for a short distance is falling. The base of the cloud is at the dew point for the air there (hence why the base is so flat).
How does the air temperature change with height from the ground to up through the cloud centre?
You have not given enough information to answer the question. Of course you know that.
I have given more than enough information for you to give a qualitative answer. If you can take the interest and trouble to look up air pressure at 9000' and typical Florida humidity, you can even give exact numbers.
 There is nothing typical about Florida in those matters. 20,000 ft showerheads are almost daily
every summer. The peninsula has major diurnal fluctuations which in most places only occur on a
bi-weekly basis.
How is this different from the temperature profile for a vertical line from the ground to up past slightly away from the cloud?
    Again, insufficient information.
And you finding the answer to those two questions is what will give you the insight as to what this is all about.
 Then you must present exactly what you are talking about. A vertical line is meaningless as there
are winds in different directions at different altitudes. That is elementary meteorology.
There are so many of those clouds Florida is not considered practical for any form of solar power generation.
I wonder why there are so many clouds there...
I presume you wonder, Why is there air? To fill up volleyballs of course. What is your point? The only issue here is human caused change v. natural change and you have not suggested any change at all.
It is a good thing to wonder. The next step is to seek meaningful answers to that wonder.
Try the temperature question above. After all, it is temperatures that are central to this whole thread.
        Explain _exactly_ what you are talking about. Playing coy does not 
become you.

You obviously do not understand you have not presented enough information to even ask a question.
Or you can keep dreaming or otherwise lead a very dull fatalist spoon-fed existence.
        Please spoonfeed. Show me you have a rational thought behind your post.

Also note that normally, steam cannot be seen with human eyes. Ofcourse, we can all see /condensed/ steam from a boiling kettle for example.
Dear dumbshit,
    Water vapor is not steam.
Please give your explanation.
 If you do not know steam is not the same as humidity you do not know enough to have an opinion on
this subject.
            The Iron Webmaster
Yes master!
Good luck with new thoughts,
        When you can explain what you are talking about get back to me.

As an American I suggest exhuming Churchill's body and desecrating it.
        -- The Iron Webmaster, 3479
 Lawful to bomb Israelis a11

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